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The Toastmaster's Taboo topics: Important avoided topics

During my brief stinct wtih Toastmasters, a public speaking platform, I was told that there are 3 things that must not be spoken about. They are: Sex, politics and religion. This stayed with me for a long time. I saw accomplished human beings talk about everything but these three things. I therefore derived to a false conclusion that, I too, like those accomplished charming, eloquent speakers, must not speak about these 3 things. These, along with money became the four most sacred taboos.

I noticed that this was not only my belief, but many held the same. It was either that it was a taboo, or that it was a war zone of beliefs.

I can rationalize why it was avoided in Toastmasters: To focus on the art of learning how to speak publicly without getting into arguments. But why do everyone avoid it? I've come to understand that the four unconsciously govern quite a lot of our lives. Here is a break up of what's avoided:

* Money = Power, Prestige, Place in society

* Sex = Unconscious desires, Love

* Religion = Our inherited belief systems, Racism, Purpose

* Politics = Social standing, our beliefs about Power and people

I believe that Therapy/Coaching brings dialogue by speaking about these topics and many such difficult topics. The more we avoid something, the more it governs us unconsciously. Lets try to understand that which we avoid?.

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