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About Me

Hello there :)
Welcome to my nook of the Internet World.

I'm an Inner World Scientist, Group therapist, and an Adjunct professor. I’m enthralled at the beauty and complexity of humanity. I spend most of my energy in striving to explore what it means to be a human, and am awed by why people are so different from each other. I apply my experience from my exploration in therapy setting, with organizations and educational institutions.


Kedar K Rao

I have spent 5000+ hours on understanding (mine and other’s) psyche, human behavior, and other nuances of the inner personal worlds of human beings. I have worked with 100+ individuals, 20+ groups, 5+ small to medium size Corporate organizations, 5+ NGOs, and 20+ Educational institutions.

I currently work with people in group settings: Group therapy, Organizational work, as a part-time professor at Colleges in Bangalore. I help in building awareness of Self, understanding patterns of relating with others & interpersonal dynamics, working towards holistic growth and in facilitating the creation of a better, healthier You.

My theoretical base of understanding the human world comes from my  Group Analysis training,  Psychodynamic theories (Jungian, but not limited to it), Existentialism, Astrology and Relational orientations.

If you’d like to work with me or would like to have a conversation, do reach out. I would love to connect with you :)

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