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Life's Algorithm - Rabbit Hole Principle

Disclaimer: An unusual computer-scientific take on Mental health. #CompScienceMeetsPsychology

Imagine you are watching a YouTube video. Let's say you start with a political video leaning towards one political spectrum. Thanks to YouTube's rabbit hole algorithm, before you know it (and 9 is the number of 'Up Next' recommendation clicks) you'll reach the politically extreme videos on that end of the spectrum. But this also means that you will only believe in this side of the spectrum, with no room for dialogue with the other side. Fun fact: YouTube's rabbit hole algorithm is one of the reasons why people vehemently believe in the Flat Earth Theory.

You see, the algorithm is set up to take you down a particular path while excluding all other information and possibilities.

Now imagine your life: with a couple of foundational early childhood negative experiences (aka starting YouTube search interests). These inevitably form your core beliefs. Like YouTube's algorithm, you are highly likely to (unfortunately) keep encountering experiences that only reinforce your beliefs. And it would take something fundamentally different to change your life's algorithm.

Therapy (Individual therapy -> Group therapy) with me becomes a way of questioning the algorithm you've unknowingly set up for yourself & experience something different. Initially, in Individual therapy, we would look at your past patterns of relations and experiences that have created a powerful algorithm (created via your unconscious). Then, through Group therapy, we would learn to have a different experience of humanity, together with other human beings also looking to create their own life.

Intrigued? Lets get on a short call to see if this is for you.

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