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Kedar K Rao

Hi there!

I'm Kedar, a Group Therapist, Organizational Analyst, and an Adjunct Professor.

​I work with Individuals and Organizations in their journey of getting from:

Till date, I've worked with 5+ small to medium Corporate Organizations, 5+ NGOs, 20+ Educational Institutions, 10+ Therapy groups, and countless individuals. ​

I run long-term therapy groups for Individuals who are looking for self-work. This is a safe, confidential, relation-oriented, exploratory space with the following aims:

Group Therapy Logo

1. Belong: To group of people who are working on themselves
2. Grow: As an Individual with others to support you
3. Create: A new 'You', a 'You' that you would like to be

To know more about Group Therapy, click here.

If this interest you, lets get on a call :)

You, Me & Your Organization

I work with Teams, Communities and Organizations to explore solutions from a systemic and relational point of view. Think of me as a mechanic who aims to keep the system well oiled and smooth, addressing themes such as:

-satisfaction, mental health, communication and conflicts.  

Employee - Work relationship

Based on the need, I provide the following spaces:

One to one sessions (counselling / coaching)

Team oriented sessions:

  • Reflective spaces: to improve team dynamics

  • Mental Health based Workshops 

Some themes that can be explored are:

  • Belongingness & employee retention, productivity & burnout, money & relationship with the organization.

  • Team dynamics, communication, conflicts

Reach out if your organization could use this space :)

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